The pizzas

The Restaurant Pizzeria Wiesenheim in Appiano Sulla Strada del Vino (BZ) has a large wood oven where pizzas are cooked throughout theweek, even at midday, except on Sundays. The pizzas, prepared with carefully selected ingredients, are filled with various toppings according to the tastes of each customer. In addition, on Wednesdays pizzas are prepared with wheat, for those who don't want to give up a delicious pizza, but are looking for something lighter.

Die Gourmet-Pizza

Unsere Gourmet-Pizza werden mit frischenZutaten hoher Qualität zubereitet, die ihnen einen einzigartigen Geschmack verleihen, den Sie mit den Freunden und der Failie teilen sollten.
Alle Pizzen können für zwei Personen angefordert werden "Maxi-Pizza"

The Gourmet Pizza

Our Gourmet Pizzas are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients that give each pizza a unique flavor, ready to share with friends and family.
All pizzas can be made for 2 people, request the "Maxi Pizza"
Antipasti - Wiesenheim
Tomato - Mozzarella
Tomatoes - Mozzarella - Rocket - Cherry tomatoes - Asparagus- Shrimp
Antipasti - Wiesenheim
Antipasti - Wiesenheim
Asparagus - Salamino - Ricotta-stuffed crust
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